“Intellectuals Solve Problems; Geniuses Prevent Them.”
Albert Einstein

Perfection in Business

We help our clients provide a business environment where mistakes, errors and omissions are not inevitable.

We accomplish this by melding technology with human behavior.

Simply Put, Our Solution Mistake-Proofs Business Processes

A major medical device company that produces complex diagnostic equipment has not made a single mistake, error or omission in over 15 years using  our approach!

“Since installing the SMART software we have never ever missed a process step, installed the wrong component, used the wrong equipment, used materials out of effectivity date, missed a measurement, performed the wrong test or allowed untrained people to perform work. In short we’re not talking about Six Sigma or 99.9% acceptance rate but preventing all problems and achieving ZERO DEFECTS.”

— Director Operations at Major Medical Device and Pharma Company

QCR can provide an immediate solution!

  • Implementing a prevention oriented environment
  • Forcing verification of regulatory compliance throughout your processes as they’re performed
  • Produce real-time device, product and part history records
  • Eliminating mistakes and omissions
  • Meet 21CFR Part 11 Requirements
  • Reducing cost of goods manufactured (Including services)
  • Exceed 21CFR Part 820 requirements
  • Exceed ISO 9000-2000 Requirements
  • Improving customer satisfaction
  • Increasing efficiency and productivity by at least 25%
  • Reducing paperwork