Greatest Asset

When I was a kid there used to be is a scene in the science museum at Fort Worth, Texas USA where some cavemen were performing brain surgery on a tribesman. I don’t know who performed the first surgery, but out of 120 prehistoric skulls found at one burial site in France, 40 had trepanation holes (a hole that is drilled or scraped into the skull). Surprisingly, many premodern patients had signs of their skull structure’s healing; suggesting that many of those that proceeded with the surgery survived the operation. Truly an amazing feat when you think that there was no anesthesiologist or understanding of antiseptics. It’s only been a few centuries ago that gold, silver and pearls were perscribed and ingested as a cure for some ailments and that the heart was finally determined to be a pump for the circulatory system. Certainly mankind has come a long way in the past couple of centuries. One could make the case that the average mom with a first aid kit Continue reading “Greatest Asset”

Elephant In The Room

“Freedom” has long been a rally cry to further political and social agendas. Today “free will” is a mainstay in commercialism especially on the part of producers. We are constantly bombarded by the notion that government regulation is bad, strangling businesses with red tape that will ultimately increase costs to consumers and limit their choices. The idea is that business will regulate themselves and look out for consumers after all, they need them to stay in business. Laissez-faire capitalism will always right itself and prove a better protector of consumerism than government. Do you believe that? Well maybe a review of the tobacco industry would be in order. I won’t be doing that in this article but suffice it to say they have no qualms about killing off  customers. Why? Maybe its because Continue reading “Elephant In The Room”